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Model, Scandinavian

Brand new! Not to my unuasual and experienced intrest in the adult Hurryyyy 😉

I did win the international best Vagin uh. award!

I tend to not have a problem needing to meet someone new so won’t have this up too long…

Looking for hopefully regular clients

you don’t have to read all this below really but…

I’m a model, and um, love men and funnn. Prefer intelligent, older, for long term

and am used to having very high profile people on my life, so descretion is a must.

#1 rule: respect and be a good person.
I do not spend time with anyone who doesn’t leave me feeling better

also-send deposit to confirm asap

I’m impossible to dislike;) real, relaxed but never afraid of anything, and I do not waste my time without fully enjoying everything ;P

be upfront, clear, to the point Please!

Not shy or vague

don’t be scared ;P

I launched snctm here, and am known as a naturally um fun person-by everyone 😉


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New York NY US
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